Sakaeronavigatsia published Climatological Summery of Georgian International Airports

Meteorological Service of “Sakaeronavitasia” Ltd. of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, under the initiative of Mr. Gocha Mezvrishvili, Director General, published the climatological summary of Georgian international airports.

Climatological summary - „Climatological Summary of Georgian Aerodromes 2010-2016“ is published in English language and contains 12 climatological models. It provides a statistical analysis of the observations data obtained by the meteorological stations at Tbilisi (UGTB), Kutaisi (UGKO) and Batumi (UGSB) international airports.

Model A - Runway visual range, visibility and height of cloud; Model B – Visibility; monthly average rates of visibility; Model C – Height of cloud; Model D – Wind speed and direction; wind gust speed and direction per season; Model E – Temperature; Model F - Absolute and average pressure; Model G - Temperature, dew point and humidity; Model H - Weather events; weather events per season; weather events (average) per month; Model I - Correlation of monthly precipitation and average temperature; Model J - Annual rainfall; Model K - Extremum values; Model L - Comparative table of annual precipitation (for three aerodromes).

“Preparation of statistical data is based on the recommendations of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and WMO (World Meteorological Organization) on climatologic data processing. The models are based on the aviation routine weather reports (METARs). However, it is more detailed and enhanced with additional information in this work, more than 50 00 cases were processed per meteorological element,” – says Mr. Badri Jijelava, the author of the book, the head of the Meteorological Service of Sakaeronavigatsia.

The information provided in the climatological summery is intended for aviation purposes as well as for natural sciences. A wide range of users of this information will be entitled to use the material in professional terms.